Star Trek is a slot machine is based on the movie adaptation of the popular TV from the 1960’s. Enjoy a game with bonus spins, winning combos and a host of characters from the show including Spock and Captain Kirk.

How to play

Players are able to control each bet before a spin is made. Changes can be made to coin values, play more than one spin, increasing or decreasing bet lines, or maximizing bets.
Star Trek has 5 reels and 30 pay lines. Each pay line can be adjusted separately if a player wishes.


Star Trek has no progressive jackpot, but does feature several bonus rounds.



This slot features four separate bonus rounds based on a character from the movie including Spock, Kirk, Uhura and Scotty. Each bonus round is unique, but features free spins with varying winning multipliers. Each bonus round can be activated multiple times in one game.
Star Trek also features both “Scatter” symbols, as well as “Wild” symbols. These can be used instead of a current symbol to make a winning combination.

Tips and Tricks

Try to stay in the bonus rounds for as long as possible. The longer you participate, the more chance of increasing the multiplier and therefore, your winnings.