Slots can come in an infinite number of shapes and sizes: five-reel, three-reel, square, pyramid-shaped, prehistoric-themed, straight out of the Wild West, or even out of a popular film. Some, however, are based on popular fairy tales, transporting players back to their childhood favourites, and adding a certain innocence to a game who’s aim is to make us spin and spend money, hoping we win it big! We’ve picked out ten of the best to give you some ideas for your next slots sessions.

Wizard of Oz

This game previously existed in physical slot form, and has been perfectly transported into the world of online slots by Williams Interactive, who brings to life the journey down the Yellow brick Road with convincing features and animations. Glinda, one of the good witches that you want to keep on your side, can appear after any spin of the five reels and turn any number of the reels wild, which can do a great service in magicking up more wins. All of the characters spinning across the reels are straight out of the movie, so if you’re a fan of the old-time classic then you’ll feel right at home in this slot.

Aladdin and The Wild Genie

Aladdin is an under-exploited tale in the world of slots and general themed creations, despite it being a magical story of love, troubled pasts and mischievous animal friends and fantastical creatures. The set-up of this game is slightly unusual, with symbols overflowing into other symbols, and the backdrop is the streets that Aladdin wanders through with his cheeky little monkey. The genie’s puff of smoke can win you up to 50 free spins and some extra possibilities of free spins. After every winning spin there’s automatically a free spin, whether you want it or not, so you might get more wins than you’d expect.


Goldilocks eats everybody’s food and sleeps in everybody’s bed, but at least she has a super-playable slot named after her, which could help you win some serious money. Despite her reputation as a bit of a cheeky thief, she actually gives you a generous wild and an even more generous multiplier wild in this slot game. There’s also a Goldilocks progress scatter, which turns the bear symbols wild. It sounds complicated, but all you need to know is that they make you win more, and will keep you playing.

Jack and The Beanstalk

You’ll want to get Jack to the top of this beanstalk so that you can get the same sense of achievement as he does when he reaches the top and you also get to revel in the victory. This five-reel game has all the characters and elements of the story that we’ve all known since we were children, but now we can all enjoy the same tale from a different perspective. The animations will blow your eyes out of their sockets they’re so fantastic, and the bonus features are astonishingly good. As can be expected with a game of this calibre and based on such a great fairytale, the game plays like a fairytale dream, and the goats, axes and story characters staring out at you from the reels are convincing and encourage you to keep playing. You’ll love the Walking Wild feature, which sees the Wild symbol move across the reels to the left of the screen, offering up additional winning chances until it disappears off the screen.

Fairest Of Them All

Yes, you guessed it, this game is every bit the Snow White themed fantasy slot you want it to be. The most magical thing about this game is the progressive jackpot which just about anyone can win as long as you’re playing for real money, and aside from that huge prize there are plenty of multipliers, free spins and a Mine Bonus feature where you get to pick out sparkling bits of prize-filled gems from the mine. There’s also a Magic Mirror feature, where Snow White might appear in the mirror symbol at any point and give you an almost unlimited number of free spins (well, it’s limited to 100, but it can last an awful long time)!

Robin Hood

If you’re a stickler for detail, you’ll be screaming out that Robin Hood isn’t a fairytale, as we all know, if we look a little deeper, that Robin Hood really was a historical figure that roamed Sherwood Forest once upon a time. But ask anyone, and they’ll tell you about the ‘story’ of Robin Hood, and it continues to fascinate us. It’s suitable, therefore, that this game allows you to make yourself richer at the expense of whichever casino you choose to play it on! You’re out to get the money bags that are up for grabs somewhere in the five reels in this slot, and make friends with Mr Hood his merry men and the ever-smiley Maid Marion. They’re a friendly bunch, and this is a really friendly, playable game.

Enchanted Beans

Though not made explicit, this game is clearly based on the classic fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk, and you even see Jack throwing his magic beans out of a nondescript bag on many of the reels. 30 paylines and five reels spin in front of your eyes, and let you place whatever bet you want on each play to win up to the maximum jackpot of $100,000. There are plenty of bonus rounds and free spins to keep enchanting you throughout the game, and you’d be hard pushed not to win something even if it’s not guaranteed to be the jackpot!

Piggy Fortunes

The little piggies certainly got up to some mischief during their short lives, going out and about and leaving their houses unattended for the big bad wolf to come and blow them all down. Your aim is to keep the piggies spinning and keep their houses up, and not let the wolf get his way. This is a fun and sweet spin on the original fairytale which brings to life a great slot game and has some pretty good animations to boot.

7 Lucky Dwarfs

You could say that in the famous fairytale the dwarfs aren’t too lucky, as they get bothered by a human-sized intruder that interrupts their daily life and messes up their house! But on the other side of the coin, you have the fact that they get to meet a beautiful princess who shows them the ways of the world, so they were pretty lucky. However you view it, they could bring you luck in this fun and fanciful slot game, where the dwarves are the traditional card values, and Snow White and her wicked stepmother feature on the cards. There’s a mirror mirror feature where you can get additional multipliers, and a mining bonus feature. It’s quite similar to the other Snow White themed game in this list, but when it comes to slots, you can never outdo a theme, especially when it’s as cute and fun as this one, with a backing track of ‘Hi ho, Hi ho, it’s off to work we go’ chiming along with your spins.

Georgie Porgie

You never expected to see a video slot game modelled after the horrible Georgie Porgie, who kissed the guys and made them cry, but here it is, in full nursery rhyme Technicolor, waiting for you to play it! It’s been updated for modern times, with Georgie represented by a curly-haired young, supposedly uncool man kissing lots of beautiful young girls, and then running way. Other symbols are humorous nods to the song, with minty breath spray, a shadow running away being chased by hench young men, and close-ups of Georgie in all his unattractive glory.