Wheel of Fortune is perhaps the most famous game show in the world. Now play the slot based on this historic TV institution.

How to play

Wheel of Fortune is a simple slot featuring 5 pay lines. A player can bet anything from 1 to 9 credits on each of these lines. Although the chances of winning increase by betting on all pay lines, a player can choose to bet on any number they wish. Once the bets have been placed, push the spin button to activate the slot.


Wheel of Fortune has no progressive jackpot feature, but some interesting, money-making bonuses.



Although this slot is fairly simple, players should try to aim for the wheel bonus. This allows a player to compete for any jackpot money they have accrued over their spins. This is activated by getting a bonus symbol on a wagered pay line, but specifically in areas 1,2 and 3.
Once activated, a player can spin the wheel for bonus credits. After each spin, a bankrupt slice is added to the wheel. If a player hits one on their spin, the bonus round ends and all winnings are lost.

Tips and Tricks

Do not be scared to take on the wheel bonus. Although bankrupts slices are added with each successful spin, the chances of landing on them in the first two or three attempts are minimal due to the fact that there are 72 different slots in the wheel.